Since I can remember, I have been collecting cameras. As they change through the times, it is an amazing thing to look back on, it is also a great way to preserve the past- knowing what had been before my time. Some cameras have been passed down through the family from my Great Grandparents, Grandparents and also my father.
One day, I hope to pass  this collection onto my children, grandchildren and even great Grand children as has been done to me.
Majority of them are still in working order - finding Film for them is the hard part.

I find a camera collection can be a great conversation starter, these are the cameras I have in my collection so far;

1000 Onestep Polaroid Land Camera

Agfa Pak126 Camera

Agfamatic 2000 Flash Pocket Camera

Argus Seventy-Five Camera

Autostar Pocket Camera

Autostar X-126 Camera

Cannonmate Camera

Canon A35 Datelux Camera

Canon AV-1 Camera

Canon Snappy E2 Camera

Canon Sureshot 130u Camera

Canon Sureshot Z70W Camera

Colorflash Deluxe Camera

Digimaster mouse 610 Camera

Hanimex 35ES Camera

Hanimex EC3s Camera

Hanimex Handy Camera

Instamatic 104 Camera

Instamatic 133 Camera

Instamatic 155x Camera

Instamatic 200 Camera

Instamatic 233 Camera

Instamatic 28 Camera

Instamatic 33 Camera

Instamatic 55x Camera

Instamatic 56x Camera

Instamatic 76x Camera

Kodak Brownie 127 Camera

Kodak Brownie Camera

Kodak Brownie Flash II Camera

Kodak Brownie Star flash Camera

Kodak Camera 35 (KB28)

Kodak Disc 6000 Camera

Kodak KE60 Camera

Kodak No.2 Hawkeye (model B) Camera

Kodak Six 20 Brownie D

Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 28 Camera

Kodak VR35 Camera

Minolta Autopak 500 Camera

Minolta Hi-Matic GF Camera

Minolta Weathermatic 35DL Camera

Minolta XG-2 Camera

Montanus Super Reflex Camera

No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie

Pentax Auto 110 Camera

Pentax Espio 80v Camera

Pentax PC-33 Camera

Pentax Zoom 60 Camera

Polaroid Colorpak 80 Camera

Polaroid EE44 Camera

Praktica FX Camera

Premier 110F Camera

Ricoh My-1

Ricoh RZ 105SF Camera

Samsung Digimax V3 Camera

Sonar Autofocus 5000 Polaroid Land Camera

Synchro Sound 612-SL Movie Camera

Yashica J Camera

Yashica MG-Motor Camera

Yashica Minister –D Camera

Zenit 12XP Camera